Sculptor born in Houston, Texas.

Selected Exhibitions:


Sea Offerings, Kura, Fukuoka (Current)

Artistes Américains À Paris, Le Salon des Arts, Paris (forthcoming)

Distorted Records, Gallerie Benjamine Eck, Munich

Alter, Le Salon de Arts, Mckinney 

Cream “Grädde”, Kime Contemporary, Indianapolis 

Bowl of Orange, Neighborhood Gallery, Dallas

Midsommar Dryk, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art Collection, Indianapolis 

Looking In Looking Out, Stage Two Gallery, Dallas

MHB POP-UP, Darc Gallery, Dallas


Study of Dimensional Travels, Vacation Studio, Dallas

VSMMBB, Belmont Hotel, Dallas

Sounds of the Middle East installation, Belmont Hotel, Dallas


BaBoone performance piece, LEVEL Gallery, Dallas

Clean Eating, Escobar Studios, Houston


Study of Dimensional Travels- Neo 2 Magazine, 2018 (in Spanish)

A Traveler Wanders Through Purgatory- Monrowe Magazine, 2018

Sculpture Series by Marie Heléne Boone, Ignant, 2017

Vacation Studio Marie Heléne Boone interview- Dallas Observer, 2018


2019 Studio Kura , Fukuoka

2019 Plop Residency, London

Artist Statement:

I’m a self taught sculptor from Texas crafting three-dimensional installed objects out of a variety of media. I focus on the technical aspects of various sculpting materials such as steel, brass, and textiles. Art exists to me as a visual and palpable experience in which I play more the role of a craftsman than I do a director of culture. Although I enjoy studying the symbolism of objects, I do not formulate opinions on the allegorical nature of my work before it is fully actualized. I enjoy making most of the process by relying on intuition to create a finished composition. 

The practice for me is in motivating the viewer’s eye to maintain dialogue with the structure, not on cultural inclination but, on some chemical principle that draws the eye into each piece regardless of what it might be ‘saying’. 

That being said I do have subject matter tendencies. My work delves into the subject matter of the varying cultures I grew up in. My childhood years were spent outdoors in the city heat of southern Texas, as well as spending summers in central Sweden in a village where my Swedish side of the family lives. Having been raised in these differing cultural atmospheres might reveal a tension between the outdoors and in, all the while hoping to maintain a sense of attention to the inner conscious self. 

Art, in its most extraordinary iterations extract its binding qualities — not from an accumulation of vague compositions of shape and color, but from a profound parallel to the human condition and the need for love and understanding. My desire as an artist is to extract that feeling from the viewer, creating a sensation of acceptance.